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We currently have about 50 members, and we welcome more all the time; if you would like to join please contact us via our secretary, Samantha Harjula, samantha.harjula(at)

We aim to organize several theme evenings per year, such as evenings based upon a country theme (we've had a Canada evening, a Hungarian evening, and many others) or parties based upon festivals such as Halloween or a Burns Suppers.

Our membership fee is 20€ per year, or 15€ for further members of the same family, as well as for students.

Members of the board 2017

Heather Kannasmaa - chair
James Hansen - vice-chair
Tarja Aula - member
Tim Devine - member
Richard Fryer - member
Sheila Hicks - member
Marianna Rossi - member
Ulla Ruotsi-Mattson - member
Samantha Harjula - vice-member
Anna-Liisa Hirvenoja - vice -member

Ari Kannasmaa - treasurer, a non-board-member.

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