​Nick Hennessey´s visit to Oulu

Tuesday, 8th of January 2014 | Tiistai 8. Tammikuuta 2014

This is how we asked members to join the event:
"Come and join us for a relaxing Tuesday evening, January 28th !
We´ll meet at 6 pm at Lyseo, classroom 12, for a real treat: a story told by Nick Hennessey, our storyteller friend who's on a tour of Finland at the moment, performing mainly in schools.
We'll also tell you more about our forthcoming Burns Supper (21st Feb).
After this short performance we´ll walk over to the Beijing, a Chinese restaurant at Rantakatu 5.
You only pay for your meal!
Please mail Heather or Ulla if you want to be counted for the meal.

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