Halloween 2013

Thursday, 31th of October 2013 | Torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

The English Club of Oulu celebrated Halloween on October 31st at Villa Victor, after the autumn meeting.
Just have a look at the Menu and other details:

For starters“scary salad” (mixed/green salad)
Main course“darker-than-death” stew
“blood broth with floating heads”
(i.e. a choice of meat stews with dumplings)
Dessert“Lucifer's lemon cake”
All with...Spooky soft drinks and nice cups of tea (included)
… because cups of tea are always “nice” and never spooky...
-and/or-Wine and beer can be bought by the glass, at prices to cover costs.

Dress code:
Black and orange (the colours of Halloween) if possible, please – but anything goes!

Fun and games programme:
(Mostly) to be revealed on the night (Just one promise for now:) Good company

And we had a great time - again! Jokes, funny and spooky stories and a quiz shared with the good company. Can you ask for more?

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